Smart Grid
New Website & Video.

We design and build a new Website and produce a crowdfunding video.

We were approached by Lincoln from Smart Grid limited along with a number of other successful company’s in the power and energy sector to help him launch a new company. Smart Grid is a new business helping to improve the UK’s energy market with a revolutionary new product called Smart Box. Smart Grid is working with energy giants such as Tesla and the National Grid so everything we did for them had to be of the highest quality.

The goal was simple to create and build a new Website for Smart Grid along with a promotional video that can be used to explain the products and services on their crowdfunding campaign currently running on Crowdcube.

The website its self was a simple few page site but needed to be fast and easy to use with a lead management system so people can register their interest and Smart Grids team can follow up. We create a lead management tool that was built into the website so once an enquiry had been followed up it could be updated and other members of the Smart Grid team could see it.

The Video We Produced.

The Website We Designed.

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